Memberships and Accreditations


Tarkine Trails is proud to be an accredited Respecting Our Culture (ROC) Program member.

The ROC program was produced through an extensive and ongoing national consultation with Indigenous communities, industry stakeholders and tourism operators. ROC embraces national accreditation standards to ensure tourism experiences meet customer expectations in a professional and sustainable way.  It also encourages the industry to operate with respect for Indigenous cultural heritage.

Advanced-Ecotourism-Certified80Advanced Eco

Our walks have been accredited as Advanced Eco certified for tourism in natural areas focusing on optimal resources use, conservation practices and helps to support local communities.

Advanced Eco certification assures travelers on our Tarkine Trails walks that our products are backed by a strong and well managed commitment to sustainable practices and that we provide high quality nature-based tourism experiences.

Accredited Tourism Business AustraliaAccredited Tourism Business Australia

The distinctive ‘yellow tick’ logo provides you with an assurance that the tourism business has a proven commitment to the highest quality of service.
All businesses accredited through the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program meet the Australian Tourism Accreditation Standard which ensures –

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Accuracy in Advertising
  • Environmental Practices
  • Adherence to a Code of Ethics

Global Sustainable Tourism Council


Sustainable tourism is on the rise: consumer demand is growing, travel industry suppliers are developing new green programs, and governments are creating new policies to encourage sustainable practices in tourism. But what does “sustainable tourism” really mean? How can it be measured and credibly demonstrated, in order to build consumer confidence, promote efficiency, and fight false claims?

The GSTC Criteria are an effort to come to a common understanding of sustainable tourism, and are the minimum that any tourism business should aspire to reach. They are organized around four main themes:

  •  effective sustainability planning
  • maximizing social and economic benefits for the local community
  • enhancing cultural heritage
  • reducing negative impacts to the environment.

Although the criteria are initially intended for use by the accommodation and tour operation sectors, they have applicability to the entire tourism industry.

The criteria are part of the response of the tourism community to the global challenges of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. Poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability – including climate change – are the main cross-cutting issues that are addressed through the criteria.

Rainbow Tasmania Tourism Accreditation

Tarkine Trails is very proud to have been awarded the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP) Rainbow Tasmania Tourism Accreditation. This recognises tourism operators who want to truly become a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Intersex (LGBTI) friendly business. Tarkine Trails treats all people in the same non-discriminatory manner, providing a safe and comfortable environment for our LGBTI guests to enjoy our awesome wilderness treks.

“The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody.”
-Rita Mae Brown

Tasmania Quality Assured

The Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania is committed to help driving improvement and professionalism in the Tasmanian Tourism Industry through the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP).
A business which meets the requirements of the Standard, and gains Accreditation, signals to its customers and to the wider industry that it is committed to providing high quality products, services and experiences. It requires that they actively document:

  • Compliance with both business and industry specific regulations
  • Adherence to industry sector standards and codes of practice
  • Risk Management procedures and training
  • Business and marketing plans
  • Human resource management procedures
  • Customer service policy and procedures
  • Environmental management policies and procedures
  • General maintenance schedules and procedures
Advanced Eco-Tourism Accreditation
Accredited Tourism Business Australia
Respecting Our Culture