Gear Requirements

Prepare for the takayna/Tarkine wilderness.

Tarkine Trails

We've provided a handy checklist that you can download and print for your packing needs, or refer to on your computer or mobile device.

On day one of the trip we will complete a gear check with you, but we recommend being well prepared!

The items listed in bold green text may be available for hire from us. We use an external gear hire business to ensure all your gear is functional and in great condition, so there is a small fee attached. 

We recommend that you bring all the personal equipment listed in the checklist - and based on this checklist your pack should weigh around 8-12kg. 

If you wish to bring extra luggage with you (e.g. if Tasmania is a stop on a bigger journey), you can leave this in our lockable trailer before we head to base camp, however we recommend taking any valuable items up to the base camp with you.

Important Note

Cotton clothing should not be packed. Wet, cold cotton clothing is dangerous on any expedition trip and hypothermia is a real risk.