The Tarkine Rainforest Walk

Four magical days immersed in the takayna/Tarkine wilderness.

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Take a step back in time and experience the raw beauty of the largest cool temperate rainforest in the southern hemisphere, the takayna/Tarkine.

With World Heritage significance, this 65 million year old rainforest sits in the North-West region of Tasmania and is a hidden gem for tourists and locals alike.

Come with us to experience this ancient rainforest, full of cathedral-like groves with mosses and fungi carpeting the forest floor, and discover why our guests have “life-altering” experiences in this “untouched paradise”.
(See our testimonials page for more quotes from happy guests!)

Spend your evenings accompanied by views of the forested valley whilst indulging in some fine local produce; the perfect way to end each day of total forest immersion.

Designed with a broad range of fitness levels in mind, this four-day tour provides everyone with access to the stunning takayna/Tarkine wilderness while still maintaining that level of comfort.


Basic Details

Departure & Return Location: Launceston, Tasmania

Duration: 4 days

Weight Carried: Day packs (~5kgs)

Accommodation: Wilderness Camping

Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate

Environment: Rainforests and rivers

What to expect on the Tarkine Rainforest Walk

  • 3 nights accommodation in our exclusive rainforest camp

  • All meals and drinks during the trip (excluding breakfast on Day 1 and dinner on Day 4) - plant based, environmental and ethical meals

  • All group camping equipment, including all first aid and safety gear

  • Experienced and professional guides

  • Return transfers from Launceston

  • A magnificent rainforest like no other

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Full Tarkine Rainforest Walk Itinerary

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Day 1 - In the land of giants and ancients

Our first day will take you from the inevitable hustle and bustle of the city into the vast quiet of the takayna/Tarkine.

The trusty Tarkine Trails bus will swing past your Launceston accommodation and head towards Tasmania’s north-west region. You'll get to know your fellow trekkers as our guides will keep you entertained. They'll also ensure everyone’s gear is ship shape, then it is onward to where a dusty, nondescript road veers west off the highway and into the takayna/Tarkine.

It'll seem like an odd place to stop and unload - in the middle of the dusty track with no signs of human life around - but duck in past the trees and you'll find yourself in a vast, tumbling forest. It is such a stunning shift from the world you have left behind, you may need a moment to adjust.

The walk to Tiger Ridge - your home for the next 3 days - is a steep one, but we'll take our time and follow the gentle zig zag track at a leisurely pace.

Once at camp, it is all about settling in: exploring and enjoying the quiet surrounds and the company of new friends. Food, fire, and wine are essential ingredients to this process. You'll enjoy quality Tasmanian produce in every meal.

By the end of today, you’ll feel as if you haven’t just traversed Tasmania but transcended it.


Day 2 - Introducing an untouched landscape

Day two focuses on the beautiful forests to the east of Tiger Ridge.

Today is about getting to know and understand this cool-temperate rainforest in its many forms. Yesterday you may have noticed the expanse of the rainforest - and today you'll discover the tiny ecosystems hidden within - unique fungi, plants and insects that often go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

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We'll introduce you to ancient species that inhabit the takayna/Tarkine - flora and fauna alike. Our knowledgeable and passionate guides will explain the relationships that the native Tasmanians have with a wide variety of plant species you will see. It's like stepping back in time - tens of thousands of years.

Returning to base camp, we'll lay out some delicious Tasmanian cheeses and fruits, and give you time to relax and freshen up before we begin cooking your dinner.

Many guests take this opportunity to make use of our Japanese-style washroom as the sun sets, before joining us for pre-dinner drinks around the roaring fire.


Day 3 - Down to the river

Our day today features a slow walk down to the Huskisson River. There's always something new to see in the takayna/Tarkine, and your guides will introduce you to the subtleties of the rainforest, as well as sharing some Tasmanian bush anecdotes.

The Huskisson itself is a wild river that is broad and fast when high - but if the water level is low it meanders and warms in pools perfect for a midday swim.

Photograph: Rob Blakers

Photograph: Rob Blakers

Our guides will prepare a hot lunch for you next to the river, before we explore the valley a little further. When we turn back - its time for a challenge (and perhaps our favourite part of the journey).

You can choose to take a journey of quiet reflection back to camp, or join a guide for the return trip. We'll say no more.

Once back at camp, Tiger Ridge’s Japanese-style washroom will be calling your name. It is a bathroom view you will wish you could take home with you.

Then, after another meal of amazing Tassie produce, we settle around the fire with a glass of wine as the guides delve further into the history and stories of this ancient landscape.


Day 4 - Wandering Waratah Falls

You'll awake to your last morning in the takayna/Tarkine – but we’ll let you ease into it with a delicious breakfast.

Photograph thanks to Charles Chadwick

Photograph thanks to Charles Chadwick

Take in the incredible rainforest for one last time (for this trip, at least), share your highlights with your companions and prepare for your walk out of the wilderness.

Although it is time to say a sad farewell to this ancient rainforest, we have one last stop before our journey comes to an end.

The small scenic town of Waratah sits on the edge of the takayna/Tarkine wilderness. Once home to the richest tin mine in the southern hemisphere, and with a unique water piece in the centre of town, there is much to learn and discover.

This is your time to explore and enjoy what this remote, historical village has to offer and reacquaint yourself with ‘normal’ life.

After lunch we’ll continue our homeward journey, giving you time to reminisce on the rainforest that captivates and inspires so many.

Tarkine Rainforest Walk Track Grading

This tour is designed to give people with a broad range of fitness levels access to the stunning Tarkine wilderness. We've had a large range of ages and fitness levels complete the Tarkine Rainforest Walk. This includes teenagers all the way through to 80-year-olds!

Photograph thanks to Sophie Fazackerley

Photograph thanks to Sophie Fazackerley

Walking in a rainforest environment like the Tarkine is certainly different to taking a stroll on the street, or on regularly maintained bushwalking trails.

There are hills and slopes, easy sections and more challenging sections - and sometimes a fallen hundred-year-old tree or two to get over.

Our guides take great care to help those that need it, and the challenging sections are always taken slowly and carefully.

Consider your fitness in this way:

  • If you've completed overnight bushwalks with full packs recently, you might find these walks slightly challenging, but well within your experience.

  • If you've never done a 4-5 hour bushwalk before, but consider yourself fit and confident, you will likely find these walks challenging but doable.

  • If you've never really done any extensive walking and consider yourself very unfit, you may well still be capable of this trip - however we would recommend a pre-trip training regime, along with discussing your fitness level your doctor and our staff.

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Another consideration is carrying your gear. To get to and from base camp, your gear does need to get up the hill! We expect, based on our packing recommendations, that your gear will weigh between 8-12kgs, which is a comfortable carrying weight for many. However if you are concerned about carrying this pack weight, you can select the option of using our power carrier. This means you will only need to carry your lightweight day pack (including water bottle, snacks, wet weather gear, etc). 

We want this trip to be a rewarding challenge for our guests, not a stressful experience. We have two guides accompany all walks to cater for all fitness levels - you should never worry about holding up other members of the group. That said, it is important you ensure the trip is within your capabilities before booking.

As we travel to a remote wilderness area, we reserve the right to request all our guests complete a provided medical form to ensure your safety, and that of our other guests.